9.0 Niner's History

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The perfect score in the IELTS is 9.0. Concurrently, the term NINER refers to an IELTS examinee who has gotten a 9.0 in any one of the four subtests in the IELTS, hence the term, 9.0 NINER.

April 9, 2007. A superstar is born. 9.0 NINER IELTS Review and Tutorial Center inaugurated its first branch located along Quezon Avenue in Quezon City. This branch became popularly known such that after three months of operation (July 2007), 9.0 NINER became the number 5 IELTS agent in the Philippines.

October 2007. 9.0 NINER was hailed as the top IELTS agent in the entire archipelago. As a result of this milestone accomplishment for a six-month old review center, two more branches opened.

2018. The review center was heralded once more as the number 1 IELTS agent in the Philippines and probably in the entire Southeast Asia for 11 consecutive years. Needless to say, 9.0 NINER is one of the best IELTS agents in Asia and in the world. After producing hundreds of NINERS and thousands of IELTS passers since 2007, there is no stopping 9.0 NINER from producing more perfect scorers in IELTS. 9.0 NINER aims not just to make examinees pass the exam. Its ultimate goal is to make them get a 9.0. Living up to its name, 9.0 NINER IELTS Review and Tutorial Center is indeed the perfect place to score 9.0 in IELTS.