How to Book an Online Coaching Appointment

1. It is a REQUIREMENT to complete the major lectures FIRST BEFORE registering for a coaching session. 






Writing Task 1 Major Lecture 


Writing Task 2 Major Lecture

Speaking Major Lecture

Writing Task 1 and Writing Task 2 Skills Enhancement Classes

Speaking Skills Enhancement


Day 3 Replay: OET Writing Lecture

Day 4 Replay: OET Speaking Lecture

Day 3 Live Webinar

Day 4 Live Webinar

OET Intensive Day 4 (Parts 1 and 2)

OET Intensive Day 5


For coaches to track students who have completed the Speaking and Writing lectures, it is MANDATORY to complete the Speaking and Writing major lectures on the DASHBOARD. This applies to ALL reviewees, including those who have attended the live Speaking and Writing lectures.

Take a screenshot of your dashboard (your COMPLETED lectures) and present this to your coach before the start of each coaching session.

2. To register for coaching, please book through the form on this page by filling it out with your full name, correct and working email address, and mobile number. Your name in the booking should be the same with that found in your valid ID. Aliases and nicknames are not allowed. 


IMPORTANT: We open slots for the next 48 hours only. You cannot make reservations more than two coaching days ahead.

3. You will receive an email confirmation as proof that your coaching registration was successful. Please note that you will not receive an email confirmation if you misspell your email address.

The email also contains the LINK to your coach's profile. Click this link to message the coach during the appointment time. If you cannot click the link, copy it onto a browser or send it to yourself on FB Messenger  to load the Messenger page of your coach.

Read ALL the details in the email to learn about the coaching guidelines.

4. Coaching reminders are sent via email and text message an hour before your schedule. Message the assigned coach 10 MINUTES BEFORE your time slot through Facebook Messenger. Include in your message the following requirements: proof of enrollment (tracking card, deposit slip, or digital ID), a VALID ID for verification purposes, and the screenshot of the classes required that you have attended.  

Should you wish to use a different platform (Zoom or Google Meet) for your coaching, kindly inform your coach as well during this time.

Please note that ALL COACHES will ask you to open your camera for a few minutes as part of identity verification. This is mandatory. (However, it is not mandatory for coaches to turn on their cameras.) Once verified, you may close your camera, and the coaching will then be done via voice call.

5. The initial 10 minutes before the start of coaching is considered the grace period, and it is allotted for verification of the requirements. Make sure that you are online and ready at the exact time you have chosen. 

Students who fail to message the coach within this period or at the exact time are considered late, which means the slot is forfeited. Students must learn the value of time as a part of their preparation for the exam. This policy is being implemented to ensure that the time for every coaching session is not compromised. Being late is considered an offense.

6. If you miss any of your appointments, this will be recorded as an offense as well. After 3 offenses, you will be BANNED from coaching for ONE week. To avoid this from happening, you may advise your coach ahead of time (the latest is an hour before the time slot) should you need to cancel so that you won’t be tagged as “no show.”

7. You may only register for ONE SLOT per day. STRICTLY NO DOUBLE BOOKING. If this happens, the 2nd booking is automatically forfeited. Double booking in one day is an offense. 3 offenses will result in a one-week ban.

You may choose which subtest you wish to have coaching for (either speaking or writing but not both). Every coaching session will last a maximum of 20 minutes only. 

Should you prefer writing, be ready with a finished output.

8. Sometimes, there’s a need for us to assign you to a different coach. If there are any coaching assignment changes, you will be advised beforehand via email. Regularly check and read email notifications from 9.0 Niner. 

9. STRICTLY NO SHARING OF ACCOUNTS. Students who are caught doing so shall be permanently banned from the center for violating our terms and conditions.

Coaching Appointment System