Mock Tests + Section-Wise & Item-Wise Exams

10 Mock Exams, 5 Sets of Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking Tests + Over 4000 Item-Wise Items with unlimited attempts.
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Mock Tests

5 Sets of CELPIP Mock Tests that are AI-scored, with feedback. The software used in the AI platform is identical to that of the real test.
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Mock Tests

Try 5 sets of Full Duolingo sample tests, which are AI-scored, just like the real exam! The interface mimics the actual test environment on test day to help you get familiar with the exam prior to your attempt.
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IELTS AI Writing Correction

Get feedback for your IELTS writing task 2 essays in seconds! Just type your question, copy your response onto the text box, and get feedback for the four criteria for grading on the IELTS essay writing test.
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IELTS AI Grammar & Vocabulary Enhancer

Let our AI grammar and vocabulary enhancer improve your writing by identifying your mistakes and offering suggestions on how to enhance your output!
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OET AI Writing Correction

Have your OET letter assessed in minutes! Just type or paste your OET case notes onto the content box, write or input your sample letter, and get instant feedback for all the OET criteria, with corresponding comments and scores!
OET AI Writing Correction